Our philosophy regarding food goes hand in hand with the great produce we have all around us.
Vegetables, meat, fish – everything has been carefully selected while always making sure to maintain a good relationship with our local suppliers. Their love for their products and our passion for cooking is a collaboration we take pride in.
Food for us is something that brings happiness in the form of different flavors, aromas and textures.
We continually strive to find new ways to evoke excitement in our guests and interest in our dishes – which we developed with one purpose in mind – to bring joy and satisfaction to you, the guest.
Edvin, Jones, Chris and Juho

A la carte meny


Vendace roe, 266:-

Kalix vendace roe, arctic char ballotine with roasted spices, red onion, chives and sour cream. Served with butter fried toast.

Sandwich, 133:-

Lightly smoked reindeer on toast with a cream cheese crème with apples, red onion, truffle and lingonberries. Topped with grated dried reindeer.

Vegetarian, 125:-

Salt-baked beets with vinegar glaze, vegetable broth, fried rennet cheese, seaweed caviar and black cabbage.

Garlic bread, 75:-

Homemade carlic bread with an herb crème.

Main courses

 Steak on a plank, 345:-

180 g beef tenderloin, duchess potatoes, grilled tomato, bacon wrapped asparagus, seasonal vegetables and bèarnaise sauce.

Smuggler’s pan, 288:-

Sautéed reindeer with bacon, potatoes, chantarelles, onion and cream sauce. Served in a cast iron pan and topped with lightly smoked reindeer, lingonberries and thyme.

Reindeer, 373:-

Reindeer tenderloin, salt-baked beets, black salsify, chantarelles and jelly. Served with potatoes gratiné.

Fish, 265:-

Arctic char with white wine sauce, celeriac purée, grilled sweet gem salad and a vinaigrette mad from Pesula mustard and rapseed oil. Finished off with sea buckthorn oil.

Vegetarian, 232:-

Salt-baked beets, pumpkin velouté, grilled cheese from Svedjan, celeriac purée, grilled sweet gem salad and a vinaigrette made from Pesula mustard and rapseed oil.


Sea buckthorn, 129:-

Sea buckthorn sorbet with Valrhona chocolate, olive oil and sea salt merengue.

Cloudberry, 129:-

Warm cloudberries with the Swedish classic ”vanilla dreams” cookies and a cream cheese crème with syrup of cloudberries.

Pralines from Kiruna, 18:-/st

Choose between these flavors
Licorice, Salt Licorice, Cloudberry, Sea Buckthorn, Blackberry, Black Currant, Lemon, Champagne and Rum.