A la carte meny


CAVIAR OF KALIX                            | 259: –

Kalix löjrom. Vendace roe from Kalix, reindeer cheesecake, red onion and spring onions.

REINDEER CONSOMMÈ                  | 154: –

Reindeer consommé, egg yolk, reindeer bone marrow.

THE GARDENER’S SALAD                 | 119: –

Assorted herbs and vegetable leaves from Norrskens Tomat Handelsträdgård, grilled white asparagus, Svedjan cheese, browned butter with a cucumber and lemon crème


Middle course

BOUILLABAISSE                               | 205: –

Fish and seafood soup with saffron, fennel, tomato, white wine, root vegetables, served with a cucumber and lemon crème


Main course

THE REINDEER                                 | 365: –

Reindeer sirloin pan fried in butter, served on a bed of mushrooms, vegetable leaves, parsnip purée, truffle, fried potatoes and red wine sauce

THE SALMON                                   | 255: –

Steamed salmon rolled in herbs, served with a fennel purée, white asparagus, fried potatoes, served with a beurre blanc

THE VEGETARIAN                            | 266: –

Morel mushroom risotto with Svedjan cheese, peas and cherry tomatoes


A la Stadshotell

STEAK ON A PLANK                         | 345: –

Beef tenderloin with duchess potatoes, bacon wrapped asparagus, tomato, sautéed carrots, sugar snaps and broccoli, served with a béarnaise sauce

THE SMUGLER’S PAN                      | 288: –

Sautéed reindeer, potatoes, Vindeln-smoked pork, onions, forest mushrooms, lingonberries. Served in a cast iron pan with a creamy sauce



FRUITS & BERRIES                           | 127: –

Plums flambéed with Cognac, freeze-dried berries and vanilla meringue

CHOCOLATE                                       | 127: –

Buttercream cake with chocolate and coconut, served with blueberries

GOLD OF THE FOREST                     | 150: –

Cloudberry parfait glazed with cloudberry caramel and a chocolate and punsch sauce

VANILLA       | 75: –

Ice cream made with real vanilla, served with cloudberries