Small Appetizers

White asparagus with whitewine sauce | 75:-

Jerusalem artichoke crisps with Kalix vendace roe and créme fraice | 85:-


Eggs & Tomatoes | 135:-
Three kinds of tomatoes from Nikkala, 3 minute egg, basin, croutons.

Beef Tartare | 195:-
Beef tenderloin, browned butter, egg yolk, Jerusalem artichoke crisps, pickled red onion, blueberry reduction.

Caviar of Kalix | 30 g: 266:- | 60 g: 520:-
Kalix vendece roe, pear, cream cheese, dried seaweed.

Small Salmon Soup | 159:-
Salmon from Bottenviken, carrot, onion, dill, chives, white wine, foamed cream.

Main courses

Plank steak | 365:-
180 g beef tenderloin, duchess potatoes, onion, tomato, bacon wrapped asparagus and bèarnaise sauce.

Harvest of the Season | 255:-
Roasted cauliflower, potato cake with Västerbotten cheese, roasted tomatoes on the vine, blueberry reduction.

Catch of the Season | 278:-
Lightly cured loin of salmon, white asparagus confit, white wine sauce with sea buckthorn oil, dill oil and seaweed caviar.

Salmon Soup | 235:-
Salmon from Bottenviken, carrot, onion, potato, dill, chives white wine, foamed cream.

Pepper Steak B & W | 295:-
180 g beef tenderloin, Idaho potatoes, pepper sauce, bearnaise, fried carrot.

Reindeer | 380:-
Local reindeer sirloin, potato cake with Västerbotten cheese crisp, blueberry reduction.


Rosette | 135:-
Deep-fried rosette cookis, cream cheese créme, strawberries.

Wafer | 147:-
Rolled wafer filled with chocolate ganace, cloudberries & liqueur, vanilla ice cream.