Vendace roe, 266:-
Kalix vendace roe, arctic char ballotine with roasted spices, red onion, chives and sour cream. Served with butter fried toast.

Sandwich, 133:-
Lightly smoked reindeer on toast with a cream cheese crème with apples, red onion, truffle and lingonberries. Topped with grated dried reindeer.

Vegetarian, 125:-
Salt-baked beets with vinegar glaze, vegetable broth, fried rennet cheese, seaweed caviar and black cabbage.

Garlic bread, 75:-
Homemade carlic bread with an herb crème.

Main courses

Steak on a plank, 345:-
180 g beef tenderloin, duchess potatoes, grilled tomato, bacon wrapped asparagus, seasonal vegetables and bèarnaise sauce.

Smuggler’s pan, 288:-
Sautéed reindeer with bacon, potatoes, chantarelles, onion and cream sauce. Served in a cast iron pan and topped with lightly smoked reindeer, lingonberries and thyme.

Reindeer, 373:-
Reindeer tenderloin, salt-baked beets, black salsify, chantarelles and jelly. Served with potatoes gratiné.

Fish, 265:-
Arctic char with white wine sauce, celeriac purée, grilled sweet gem salad and a vinaigrette mad from Pesula mustard and rapseed oil. Finished off with sea buckthorn oil.

Vegetarian, 232:-
Salt-baked beets, pumpkin velouté, grilled cheese from Svedjan, celeriac purée, grilled sweet gem salad and a vinaigrette made from Pesula mustard and rapseed oil.


Sea buckthorn, 129:-
Sea buckthorn sorbet with Valrhona chocolate, olive oil and sea salt merengue.

Cloudberry, 129:-
Warm cloudberries with the Swedish classic ”vanilla dreams” cookies and a cream cheese crème with syrup of cloudberries.

Pralines from Kiruna, 18:-/st
Choose between these flavors Licorice, Salt licorice, cloudberry, Sea Buckthorn, Blackberry, Black Currant, Lemon, Champagne and Rum.