Garlic bread  | 89 kr

Parmiagiano gratinated garlic bread with herb cream.
Beverage suggestion: Equilibrio 4, Monastrell  | 95 kr

White pizza  |125 kr

Cream cheese from mountain cattle, southern asparagus confit, topped wit award winning “Gärda” cheese.
Extra: Add 20 g of the luxurious Bothnia bay vendace roe   | 145 kr
Beverage suggestion: Castellblanc, Cava Brut Nature   | 95 kr

Arctic char  | 160 kr

“Lòjhtu” gin marinated arctic char, with an emulsion of lemon and field mustard seed oil, dried arctic char skin and pea sprouts.
Beverage suggestion: Riesling Returns  | 95 kr

Smoked reindeer  | 170 kr

Juniper smoked reindeer with horseradish and black pepper crème fraiche, pickled spruce shoots and blueberry with Muscovado sugar.
Beverage suggestion: Equilibrio 4, Monastrell  | 95 kr


Main courses

Gnocchi  | 265 kr

Butter-fried gnocchi made of local almond potatoes with green pea puree, spring onions, crispy Jerusalem artichoke and browned hazelnut butter.
Beverage suggestion: Domaine Verquiere, Rasteau   | 120 kr

Atlantic cod  | 325 kr

Seasonal wild cod and potatoes au gratin in a cast-iron pan with white wine sauce, pickled mustard and rapeseeds from Pesula, green tomato and fresh vegetable leaves from our local gardener.
Beverage suggestion: Henri de Villamont, Macôn-Village, Chardonnay   | 139 kr

Pork cheek  | 285 kr

Apple braised prok cheek from northern farms with garlic-fried gem lettuce and tasty Jerusalm artichoke mash.
Beverage suggestion: Domaine Verquiere, Rasteau   | 120 kr

Plank steak  | 395 kr

Grilled Swedish tenderloin (180 g) on an oak plank with duchesse potatoes, oven roasted tomatoes, bacon-wrapped green asparagus and sauce bèarnaise.
Beverage suggestion: Fattoria Nittardi, Chianti Classico Sangiovese| 159 kr


Rhubarb & meringue| 145 kr

Spring rhubarb pie with Italian meringue.
Beverage suggestion: Monte del Frà Montastero, Passito Bianco   | 85 kr

Coffee cheese  | 155 kr

Baked coffee cheese with coffee caramel, cloudberries and Bailey’s mousse.
Beverage suggestion: Coffe, Zoega’s dark roasted, Arabica   | 35 kr