Haparanda Stadshotell i media


Swedish Lapland har skrivit om oss

En gång i tiden var Haparanda platsen där öst och väst möttes, ett tillhåll för spioner, rövare och gulaschbaroner. Och om väggarna på stadshotellet i stan kunde tala, så skulle i alla fall vi lyssna till vad som hänt i världens mitt.

Viaggio in Lapponia

Vi är så glada och stolta över att få denna marknadsföring i en av Italiens största och populäraste Lifestyle magazin Marie Claire Maison.

Not only snowmobiling in Swedish Lapland

Unforgettable experiences in Swedish Lapland along the Finnish border: unspoiled nature, icebreakers, Northern Lights safaris and snowmobiles. The article is written in italian.

Northern Sweden reveals its snow-covered treasures

Eastern Lapland, on the border with Finland, holds local traditions and unique landscapes. It always offers new activities, as a destination for growing winter tourism. The article is written in italian.

Lapponia svedese

Forests, tundras, mountains, lakes, rivers, the traditions of the indigenous Sami people: this is Swedish Lapland, one of the least known and at the same time one of the most fascinating areas in the country. The article is written in italian.

Swedish Lapland: adventures below zero between sleds, saunas and icebreakers

A trip to an Arctic destination is never easy to organize and requires careful planning and attention to detail.

A New Year out of the ordinary

Celebrating New Year's Eve twice in one night? In Scandinavia, you can! The twin cities of Haparanda and Tornio, located in Sweden and Finland respectively, are separated only by a bridge, just minutes away but in different time zones. The article is written in italian.

Celebrating New Year's Eve around the world: from Finland to New York, on skis or at the spas to leave 2018 behind in joy

Twice New Year: first in Finland then in Sweden After a fantastic New Year's Eve at Haparanda Stadshotell, the New Year is celebrated with fireworks and a toast along with the Finnish-Swedish border, first on the Finnish side, then an hour later on the Swedish side, thanks to the time difference between two countries